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VIMIT Software For Schools and Businesses

1: CCE Report Card Software

CCE Report Card Software
  • Report Card System for class 1 to 5
    • Generating grades automatically according to the marks given in different categories of Evaluation Scheme
    • Generating co-scholastic grades areas on the basis of marks
  • Report Card system for class 6 to 8
    • Generating grades according to the Formative Scheme of CBSE CCE
    • Calculating overall grades
    • Easy marks entry system for different co-scholastic areas
  • Report Card system for class 9 and 10
    • Generating grades according to the Formative Scheme of CBSE CCE
    • Calculating overall grades
    • Calculating CGPA
    • Upgrading students grades in scholastic area according to Grade Point of co-scholastic grades

2: Automate School Bell

School Bell This software is highly efficient & of great use in schools. It automatically ring bells after each period as an alarm for the students & staff to aware them that their periods duration is over or recces is going to be held.
For this work in schools a person is occupy but in our bell system you will find that person have to just switch on the computer and start this software. If you are already using a software for school bell system than you will find that voice is in different accent, but our automate school bell system manages the duration of periods automatically once assigned by you, even in your voice & Work regularly without any delay and without doing any mismanagement of given time duration, You can also play mp3 file on a scheduled time like prayer, song etc. & also give voice messages to the student like "Bye Bye Students", "Speak English Only" etc.
Moreover this software is highly efficient , accurate & reliable in every aspects.

3: Biometric Attendence

Biometric Attendance Machine
  • Automatic finger print time attendance system
  • Different leave application system with auto CL, ODL, Absent, WPL etc.
  • Daily Present with arrival time
  • Daily List of staff Absent and On Leave
  • Monthly status of attendance register with total leave status by employee
  • Staff Leave Application System
    • Leave Application System
    • Giving CL, WPL and ODL automatically
    • Printing leave form
  • School Out Pass System
    • Computerized gate out pass system for staff with minimum entries
    • Computerized gate out pass system for students with minimum entries

4: Library Management

Library Management Software
  • Creation of Separate library accounts for students and staff
  • Book, magazine and newspaper entry into library
  • Book, magazine and newspaper issue
  • Book, magazine and newspaper library stock status
  • Availability of library items
  • Library items issued and returns list
  • Library Items issued List individuals and class wise
  • Bar coding System for library items and account holders
  • Different types of daily, date wise, and other report printing and export to excel system

5: Fee Management

Fees Management Software
  • Computerised Fee Software
    • Printing slips
    • Maintaining student's fees account status
    • Printing daily fees received
  • Student Record Maintenance
    • Student Record printing with different type's of search
    • Computerised TC, CC & NOC system
    • Identity Card Generation
    • Many Moreā€¦.

6: Stock Management

Stock Management Software A complete Software for stock management for your business.